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Welcome to the "I am a Non-Smoker for Life" Coaching Program

Welcome aboard the transformative journey of the “I am a Non-Smoker for Life” Coaching Program. This program is designed especially for individuals like you who have been grappling with the desire to quit smoking for years, facing obstacles that have hindered your progress. Whether you are thinking its time to Stop for Good because you don’t like the power the addiction has over you or you are struggling with some serious health concerns, we’re here to guide you towards a smoke-free future.

Exploring the Roots of Your Smoking Addiction

Our coaching approach begins by delving into the history that led to your smoking addiction. Together, we’ll revisit the past, examining the circumstances that initiated your smoking habit. We’ll uncover the emotions, events, and triggers surrounding the inception of this addiction. By understanding what compelled you to start smoking and how it all began, we’ll lay the foundation for your journey to a healthier life.

Unmasking the Initial Incentives

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons that drove you to persevere through the initial challenges of smoking – the disagreeable taste, the lingering smell, and the discomfort that accompanied each inhale. What were the rewards you sought when you embarked on this journey? Whether it was acceptance among peers,  or seeking connection, we’ll dissect the psychological benefits that fuelled your determination. These motivations may still be exerting their influence on your choices today.

Unveiling the Secondary Gain

An important aspect of our coaching program is exploring the concept of “secondary gain.” This refers to the hidden advantages that might be maintaining your smoking habit despite your conscious intention to quit. To succeed in becoming a “Non-Smoker for Life,” we must identify and address these benefits that might be overshadowing your desire for change. By recognizing and understanding them, we can overcome their hold on you and pave the way for true transformation.

Crafting the Identity of a Non-Smoker for Life

We believe in precision and clarity, which is why we avoid the broad term “Quit Smoking.” Our goal is to help you embrace the identity of a “Non-Smoker for Life.” Just as a tree’s roots grow and spread through various mediums, your smoking addiction has intertwined itself with aspects of your personality, coping mechanisms, and routines. We’ll work together to break these patterns, freeing you from the crutch of smoking and helping you build healthier habits.

Empowering Change through Unique Methods

At Minds2Synergy, we offer a unique combination of techniques to facilitate lasting change. Hypnotherapy will help create new, positive neural connections through post-hypnotic suggestions, building a clear vision of your smoke-free future. Time-line therapy will disconnect emotional ties to smoking, while Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) will eliminate internal conflicts obstructing your transformation. These methods will rewire your mind at an unconscious level, ensuring the changes you make are permanent.

Our Minds2Synergy Customer Guarantee

Your commitment is met with our dedication. The Minds2Synergy Customer Guarantee – “No results! No Fees” – is our promise to support you every step of the way. Detailed conditions of this guarantee can be found on our website.

Community and Support

Our program includes engaging weekly group coaching sessions on Zoom, providing an opportunity for interactive learning and camaraderie with others on the same journey. For real-time support and encouragement, you will be invited to join the “I am a Non-Smoker for Life” Facebook community. Here, you’ll connect with your coach and fellow participants who share the same goal of living a smoke-free life.

Embark on Your Smoke-Free Journey

Your path to becoming a healthier, happier “Non-Smoker for Life” starts now. Embrace the transformation, break free from the chains of smoking addiction, and step confidently into the smoke-free identity that you deserve. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and create a future that aligns with your aspirations.

Address: 17 Main Rd, Lower Plenty VIC 3093, Australia

We do online or in person consultations, first step however is a free consultation call.